Offshore Company Set up

A most popular jurisdication for the formation of corporate structure vehicle in the modern commericial era

British Virgin Island

Located at the Caribbean Sea
English Common Law Legal system
Independent Judiciary
Home to over 2,000,000+ entities worldwide
Over 30 years in Corporate History, IBC Act was established in 1984
Over 2,000+ New registration each month


Information about the owners and shareholders are kept as private
Maximum anonymity and confidentiality
There exists no public register of the director of the shareholder
100% tax exemption on corporate and income taxes
Convenience on transfer assets / Shares
Exempted from Local taxation and stamp duties
Internationally recognized jurisdication with No capital requirement, restrication ,condition
Set up / Maintain Commericial bank accounts from anywhere in the world
Not required to submit Annual Return and Tax Return
Not required to submit accounts and it is exempted from audit.


Located at the Indian Ocean
English Common Law Legal System
Independent Judiciary
Home to over 200,000+ active entities worldwide.
Over 20 Years in Corporate History, IBC Act was established in 1994.
Over 700+ new registration each month

Statutory Requirement

Company Name English
Optional to adopt foreign language company name
Minimum of 1 Director (Any Nationality18+)
Minimum of 1 shareholder (Any Nationality 18+)
Eligible to be the same person
No restriction on the currency of share per value

Lead time

Tailor Made company

1 working day

Flexible in choosing a desired incorporation day

Original in 7 working days

Readymade shelf Company

  • 1 Working day
  • Original in 7 Working days